Personalities are sexy


Personalities are sexy

A sexy body and plenty of money are a turn on for both sexes.But being with great company who is sexy, humourous,and having an engaging personality is also a turn on.A great social setting, a bit of teasing and sexy references from time to time are the great prelude to having a sexy afternoon or evening.Billionaire Club interviews their members first to ensure you will enjoy the company you are with and the person is pleasant to be with in all situations.

VIP Membership at Billionaire Club

If you sign up as a VIP member, we also offer you a key to your very own club. The venue is only disclosed to those who choose to pay the higher premium. Following in the footsteps of the private member's clubs in the likes of London and New York such as the Groucho, Soho House and The Cobden Club to name but a few, you now can have your very own haven in the heart of each major Australian city where you can relax, have a quiet drink, network or socialise. A kind of home away from home that caters to your every need. Acting like an exclusive business lounge where you can enjoy a cigar or a cognac in luxurious surrounds. Frequented by both men and women alike, with the ability to take up to two guests per visit.

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Main office located in Kent Street, Sydney CBD