Many members to choose from.


Many members to choose from.

I am writting for the many men who are members of Billionaire Club.I joined many years ago looking for a more sophisticted and distringuished woman who took control of a situation and didn't need my coaching and guidance to come up with ideas on where to go for entertainment.They looked refined when we went out on a date and I could comfortably introduce them to my work collegues.The ideal for me was 35-40 plus to 60 year age group and had their own independence and confidence.She could show me things I hadnt experienced before like the theatre,plays,rectitals,and new modern bands.As well as loving great food and fine wines.Billionaire Club has younger ladies also. It is all up to your choice and your preferences.So many ladies and gents like myself look forward to our dates and the excitement of being with a new companion.Join the club now.Call our Sydney office 0292514948  or 0423242773.Let Susan know when you can make an appointment to reveiw your preferences..We are NOT an on line introduction company.

VIP Membership at Billionaire Club

If you sign up as a VIP member, we also offer you a key to your very own club. The venue is only disclosed to those who choose to pay the higher premium. Following in the footsteps of the private member's clubs in the likes of London and New York such as the Groucho, Soho House and The Cobden Club to name but a few, you now can have your very own haven in the heart of each major Australian city where you can relax, have a quiet drink, network or socialise. A kind of home away from home that caters to your every need. Acting like an exclusive business lounge where you can enjoy a cigar or a cognac in luxurious surrounds. Frequented by both men and women alike, with the ability to take up to two guests per visit.

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To contact or visit one of our offices please call 02 9251 4948

Main office located in Kent Street, Sydney CBD