The Sun- Herald newspaper highlights social connections are still important.


The Sun- Herald newspaper highlights social connections are still important.

News Flash! Sunday the 22nd of March in The Sun Herald "  Call it love in the time of the Coronavirus.Stuck at home and afraid of socialising,people around the country are spending even more time time on their phones and that means more time on dating apps "."Ms Hardman says If I know someone a little bit better and I trust that they are being adequately cautious right now I dont see the need to stop meeting one on one at home or in private settings".... "One said: I dont know how I'll go alone if there's a lockdown.I'm not very good on my own".

Our members are put in contact through our manager Susan who reviews our current and new contacts and introduces them based on their profiles,desires and personal circumstances.Then with that introduction you can then  review with them personally their disinfection and isolation practices.This before meeting up at a mutually agreed private and spacious location.Even at their homes if relevant.No need to hang around at crowded nightclubs and bars where such social gatherings of over 50 have been banned anyway.

We are not an on line dating agency so the people are real and genuine but they need a good social connection.Call Susan in our Sydney CBD office on 0292514948 or 0488099672.Our office has no more than 6 staff and we have disinfectant at the door for safety and are spacious. 

If you are in home isolation be joined socially with a new exciting companion with out the crowd...We meet all out members personally and make the introductions matched on compatability and desires.Then through your own quizzing over the phone ask for their personal hygiene priactices before you meet up. Use our  large and sophisticated club membership as a great start to your isolation with a new exciting social friend.

To contact or visit one of our offices please call 02 9251 4948

Main office located in Kent Street, Sydney CBD